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My Name is Sandrine

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Hi, I'm a nine-year-old girl from Bwira, Rwanda. I have three sisters and two brothers and I love my family! I like going to school and my favourite part is when we do recitation. After school, to help my family, I carry water home which sometimes takes about 30 minutes to an hour. Even though this sounds tough, I'm happy because I like staying active and run a lot!

Life in my community can be really hard. We're not very rich and are mostly small-plot farmers. Before FH Sponsorship, most people had to drink water from swamps because there wasn't enough clean water. But things are getting a bit better now. Thanks to FH, I get to go to school regularly and get the healthcare I need. They're also helping the adults learn to grow vegetables and raise animals so we can take care of ourselves.

I hope my family, along with all the other families, can make our community better and stronger so that we can help other communities in Rwanda one day. Please keep us all in your prayers. Thank you for giving me hope and support!