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My Name is Shedrack

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Hi there! I'm a 9-year-old boy living in the beautiful mountains of Bunashimolo, in the eastern part of Uganda. It's a big place with over a thousand families and our main language is Lumasaba! I really love learning, especially maths in school. Plus, I'm big into soccer, it's so much fun playing with my friends. When I'm home, I help out my family by getting water.

There are many ups and downs in Bunashimolo. Uganda had a bad war that left many people with not enough money. We even struggled to find clean water and enough food. But things have got a little better since FH started helping us. They inspire me to study hard and believe in myself!

The FH people even come to our home and teach us new things like how to grow veggies, take care of the soil, and look after cows and goats. They also help our leaders make plans. Now we're eating tastier and more food than before!

We're working hard to overcome our troubles. Your support gives me so much hope and I am so grateful. Please keep me, my family, and my village in your prayers as we try to push past this poverty, and thanks a lot for your help!