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My Name is Rayson

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Hi there, I'm a 10-year-old boy living in Bunashimolo, a mountainous region in eastern Uganda. I belong to a lively family of 4 sisters and 3 brothers. I’m pretty healthy and I spend my days going to school and helping out at home by washing dishes. My favorite subject is Maths, and I love playing soccer in my free time.

Our community, with about 1,094 families, mainly speaks Lumasaba, but some folks use Swahili, Luganda, or English as well. We are enriched with plentiful wild animals and tasty food like matoke and mangos, although we've had hard times due to Uganda's long civil war past. Many of us are poor and did not have clean water or enough food before FH came into our lives.

I feel very lucky because your sponsorship has made our lives better. FH guys tell me to study hard and explore my talents. After their arrival, I can now go to school, get treatment when unwell, indulge in fun kids’ clubs, and mingle with fellow children. They have taught my family new ways to grow vegetables, maintain the soil, compost, and rear animals like cows and goats. We are healthier and no longer worry about our meals so much.

FH staff assists our church leaders and elders to plan our community's future. I truly appreciate your prayers and support for my family and village to conquer poverty. Thanks for filling my life with hope and strength!