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My Name is Naume

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Hey there! I'm an 11-year-old girl from a place called Bunashimolo, a mountainous place in eastern Uganda. My sister and I live amongst almost 1,094 families! We mostly speak Lumasaba, but some also use Swahili, Luganda, or even English. My country Uganda, is super beautiful with wild animals and super tasty food like matoke and mangos, but we face some tough situations because of a past civil war.

Now, at school I love counting stuff, it's my top subject for sure! After school, I help around the house washing dishes. I get so excited when I have time to play ball games! Life's a bit tough around here, there was a time we didn't have clean water and not much food all year. But thanks to some very kind people who sponsor me through FH, things are getting better. They guide me to study more, join kid's clubs and visit the health clinic if I don't feel well.

The super cool people from FH visit my family too, teaching us to grow tasty veggies, care for the soil and even raise cows and goats. We've got more food now, and it's yummy! They're also helping our village leaders plan a better future. Please wish us luck as we work hard to overcome poverty. Thanks for giving me hope and support!