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My Name is Gift

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Hi! I’m a 10-year-old girl from a beautiful village called Bunashimolo in the Mbale region of Uganda. I have three brothers and I'm the only sister. We live in the mountains, surrounding by nature. There’s around 1,094 families here, speaking all sorts of languages, from Lumasaba to Swahili and English!

My favourite part of the day is school, especially science, it fascinates me! After school, I am always busy helping my family. I love gardening and I also enjoy playing netball with my friends.

Back in the day, things were tough here, no clean water and not enough food but things are changing. Thanks to your help, I get to go to school, learn and even get to visit the clinic if I'm not feeling well. We are also learning better ways to farm and raise animals! It's not easy, but we're hopeful. Your help means the world to me and my village. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to fight against poverty. Thanks for giving us hope and for showing us that we can dream big!