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My Name is Amos

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Hello there! I'm a 7-year-old boy living in the mountainous region of Burukuru, Uganda. Well, our family is quite big! I have 6 sisters and 3 brothers to play and share stuff with every day. My best subject at school is counting, I just love doing it!

When school ends, I don't sit idle. I help my family by washing the dishes. One of my most favourite things is playing soccer. There's nothing like that thrilling rush when I make a goal.

My home, Uganda, is beautiful with all sorts of wild animals and yummy foods like matoke and mangos. Though we had a tough past due to a long war which left many of us poor. But now, blessings came our way through your support! Thanks to you, I get to learn, get better when I'm under the weather and play with local kids at clubs. Plus, my family and I get guidance from the FH staff on raising animals and growing vegetables. This improves our food quality and we get more wholesome meals! Although we face the challenge of poverty, your support gives me hope. Please, keep my family and village in your prayers. Thank you!