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My Name is Mercy

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Hi there! I'm just a 7-year-old girl, living in Burukuru, a cool mountainous place in Uganda, surrounded by 561 other amazing families. We mostly speak Lumasaba here, you might not know it but it's really fun! We've got some people who speak English too. Where I live, we have awesome wild animals, great food like matoke and mangoes, we just love them!

I have two sisters and we help our family by keeping our house clean. I absolutely love school, reading is the best part! I also enjoy playing ball games. After school, I help out by sweeping.

Life can be hard here because of the long civil war that passed through our lands. Lots of us don't have much and it used to be hard to find food and clean water. But now, thanks to the kind folks at FH and your help, we've got hope. They help me attend school and go to the clinic if I'm sick. I also get to hang out at kids' clubs with other kids just like me.

FH staff also visit my family and teach us cool stuff like how to grow veggies, take care of the soil and raise animals. We're eating better food because of them! They're helping our community to build a good future. Please remember to pray for my family and village. We're trying our best to get through this. Thanks for bringing me so much hope and support!