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My Name is Gift

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  • sports_handball Netball
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Hello there, I’m a 13-year-old girl living in the stunningly rich, yet challenging mountainous area of Burukuru in eastern Uganda. My four sisters, one brother and I speak Lumasaba primarily, although you'll also hear Swahili, Luganda, or English in our community filled with 562 families. Uganda’s astonishing wild animals and delightful matoke and mangos remain few of my favourite things about my country, despite the struggles we face because of the past civil war.

I love mathematics at school, and running towards my home to help my family with washing clothes when the classes are over, and playing exciting rounds of netball. But life wasn't always as positive. Before the wonderful FH team arrived, clean water and adequate food were luxuries for us, but thanks to their support, and your sponsorship, things are looking up! Now, I can go to school and imagine a brighter future for me and my family.

I’m learning about health in FH kids' clubs and can visit the clinic when I’m unwell. FH also helps my parents lean new ways for farming and raising animals. Their efforts are making our crops healthier and our future brighter! I kindly ask that you keep my family, my village, and me in your prayers as we look to a future free from poverty. Your hope-filled support means the world to us, thank you!