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My Name is Timothy

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Hi! I'm a nine-year old boy, living in the picturesque hills of Bungwaanyi in Uganda. I have 3 brothers but no sisters. I adore maths class in school and when back home, I lend a hand in our garden. Soccer? It's my favourite!

Our language of expression is mostly Lumasaba, but a few speak Swahili, Luganda, and English too! Uganda, my country, is lush and teems with wild animals. We have tasty foods like matoke and mangos. But a lengthy civil war turned us destitute with no clean water or enough food.

However, things have changed because of your support. The wonderful folks from FH encourage me to study and be the best that I can be. They provide vital support to my family, teaching us agricultural methods, helping raise animals, and even supporting the leaders of our community in creating future plans for us.

As we persist battling poverty, please keep me, my family, and my village in your prayers. Thank you for giving me hope and a brighter future!