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My Name is Levi

  • cake 13
  • sports_soccer Soccer
  • water_full Carrying Water
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Hi, I'm a 13-year-old lad from the mountainous Bungwaanyi community in eastern Uganda. I've got quite a bunch: 4 sisters and 3 brothers - amazing, right? School's my happy place and English is my top subject. After school, I help fetch water for my family and oh, I can't forget soccer - it's the best!

Living with 233 other families, we mostly speak Lumasaba here. Swahili, Luganda, or English are spoken too. Our food's yummy especially matoke and mangoes. Despite past tough times due to the civil war, we're together, hopeful and working towards a better future.

Thanks to your kind sponsorship, things are brighter. The FH team's helping us grow, teaching new farming skills and inspiring us to study. I can now learn, get medical care when sick, and play games with friends. Could you please send prayers for us as we battle poverty? Thanks for your support and giving us hope, it means the world to us!