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My Name is Jonan

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Hi there! I'm a 9-year-old boy from Bungwaanyi, a mountainous region in eastern Uganda. I really enjoy studying mathematics at school. After class, I help my family with animal care and play some soccer. I have two sisters and we live in a community of around 233 families. We mostly speak Lumasaba, but some people also speak Swahili, Luganda, or English.

Uganda is pretty cool! We have so many wild animals and yummy foods like matoke and mangos. Although many of us are not rich because of a past conflict, things are changing! Thanks to FH and your help, my life is now so much better. They motivate me to study hard, give me the chance to learn and play with other kids! They also visit our family and show us how to grow veggies and take care of animals like cows and goats. And you know what? Our crops are very healthy because of that!

That was really nice of you to offer your support and give us hope. Can you please pray for me, my family, and my entire village as we work hard to beat poverty? Thank you heaps!