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My Name is Godwin

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Hey there, I'm an 11-year-old boy, living in the mountains of Bungwaanyi, in the mighty Mbale region of Uganda. Here in my community, we speak Lumasaba, but you’d also hear some folks chattering in Swahili, Luganda, or English. I share my home with five sisters and a whole bunch of animals which I take care of every day after school. Speaking of school, I love mathematics - numbers are like puzzle pieces fitting together!

Life around here had been tough, especially after that nasty civil war. But things are looking up now. With the kind assistance from FH and your sponsorship, I'm not just dreaming about my potential, I'm reaching for it! They make sure I can attend school and get medical care. Even though we may not have everything, we have enough - tasty matoke and mangoes are my favorite.

Though we're still fighting with poverty, we're doing it together! FH helps us learn new skills, like better ways to grow veggies and rear animals. They’re giving our land the love it needs to produce healthy crops and also guiding our community leaders in planning for a better tomorrow. So, even though it's tough, I know with your prayers and support, we can overcome anything. Thank you and love from Uganda!