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My Name is Joseph

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Hello there! I'm a 13-year-old boy from the close-knit community of Bungwaanyi in Eastern Uganda, where we speak mainly Lumasaba but also know Swahili, Luganda and even a little bit of English. I live with my lovely siblings - one sister and three brothers. Healthwise, I'm A-okay! I have a big love for numbers, making Mathematics my favourite subject in school. When I'm not in class, I'm either carrying water back home to help my family or chasing after a soccer ball with my friends.

My country, Uganda, is oh so beautiful, packed with wild animals of all sorts and yummy foods - matoke and mangos being my top two! However, we've had some hardships in the past because of a pesky civil war. Not everyone here has clean water or enough grub to eat all year. But thanks to the support I receive and all the great advice from the folk at FH, things are looking up. They are teaching my parents how to grow even more veggies and raise animals like cows and goats. Soon, I hope our village will overcome poverty, so we need all the prayers you've got! Thanks for giving me a reason to smile each day.