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My Name is Joan

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Hi there! I'm a nine-year-old girl living in Bumutsopa, a mountainous region in eastern Uganda. I have three sisters and I love helping out at home by sweeping after school. School's pretty cool, especially science - I just love learning new things! After my homework, I usually play ball games with my friends.

I speak Lumasaba, but some folks here also speak Swahili, Luganda, or English. Uganda is such a wonderful place, with wildlife and delicious foods like matoke and mangos. But we've seen hard times due to a long civil war. Before we got help from FH, we struggled with getting clean water and having enough food.

But, things are looking up now! Thanks to your sponsorship, I can go to school, visit the clinic when I'm not feeling too good, and just have fun with my pals at kid's clubs. The FH team helps my community a whole lot. They teach my parents to grow vegetables and look after animals, and even help our leaders plan for the future. Do remember to say a prayer for us as we work hard to overcome poverty. Thank you for giving me a reason to hope!