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My Name is Harriet

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Hi there! I'm a 10-year-old girl living in the mountainous community of Bumutsopa in the eastern part of Uganda, surrounded by 1,094 families who mostly speak Lumasaba. We have delightful foods like matoke and mangos, and vibrant wild animals, despite our poverty due to a long civil war. I go to school in our small community, where English is my favorite subject. Once I get back home, one of my chores is washing dishes.

When I'm not helping my family or studying, I love playing netball! I also love living here, even though we have had some tough times. Before FH arrived, we struggled with access to clean water and enough food. But thanks to your sponsorship, I can now enjoy school, get medical treatment when sick, and also be part of kids’ clubs. FH staff come to my family and help us improve our farming methods, and that's making our crops better. They've become part of us, aiding our church leaders and elders in planning for a better future.

Please, if you can, pray for my family, my community, and me as we navigate through these challenging times. Your support gives us hope. Thank you so much!