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My Name is Ivan

  • cake 12
  • sports_soccer Soccer
  • water_full Carrying Water
  • calculate Mathematics


Hiya! I'm a 12-year-old lad from the breathtaking mountains of Bumutsopa, living with my three sisters, two brothers and parents. I enjoy learning and I'm especially fond of mathematics at school. After school, I lend a helping hand by fetching water for my household and when I'm free, I love playing soccer with the other kids!

Our community, nestled in the eastern part of Uganda, is home to about 1,094 families. We chat in Lumasaba mostly but some speak in Swahili, Luganda, or English. Our beautiful Uganda is filled with fascinating wild animals and delicious foods like matoke and mangos. But, our history of civil war has left many of us poor, struggling with access to clean water and sufficient food.

Yet, times are changing, thanks to the kind-hearted sponsors and FH staff. Now, I can go to school, visit the health clinic when I'm unwell and play at kids' clubs. They encourage me to study hard so I can reach my dreams. They're teaching my family new farming techniques to grow robust crops and rear animals. They're helping us build a better future. Their visits fill me and my family with hope. But, we still need your prayers to overcome the poverty and make our village prosperous. Thank you for giving us hope and support!