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My Name is Sakana

  • cake 5
  • draw Drawing
  • countertops Washing Dishes
  • translate National Languages


Hiya! I'm a five-year-old girl living in the green heart of Chong Kal, a beautiful region in northwest Cambodia known for its awesome ancient temples and bridges. I'm an only child and I'm quite healthy too, phew! Now, school is really exciting for me, I absolutely love studying languages, they are my favourite!

At home, I'm the dishwashing champion, yay me! But my most favourite thing to do is drawing beautiful stuff - it makes me really happy. We live in a community that's surrounded by small farms where almost everyone grows rice but the tricky part is that growing enough can be a challenge. Lots of my friends even miss school to help their parents on the farm. Sometimes, finding clean water here can be really tricky too!

But no worries, because with help from FH, our community is making big changes! How cool is that! It’s like a magic spell helping me stay in school, stay healthy, and it also guides the adults in my life to become even better caregivers. Not just that, FH is even teaching our farmers smarter ways to grow crops. So many exciting things are happening around me!

So remember me when you say your prayers, okay? We're on an adventure to make our futures better! Thank you for being part of our journey.