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My Name is Morakot

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  • crib Dolls
  • countertops Washing Dishes
  • translate National Languages


Hi there! I'm just a little five-year-old girl living with my sister in a place called Chong Kal, which is in the northwest part of Cambodia! We are a happy duo and we have fun together! School is great, national languages are my favourite! When I’m finished with school, I give my family a hand by washing dishes. Sometimes I play with my dolls, they're so much fun!

My neighborhood is really green and beautiful! Lots of my neighbors work on farms to grow rice. It can be tough, and some of my friends have to miss school to help out at home. Clean water is hard to come by for some of us, but everyone's working hard to make things better.

So many nice things are happening because of you! Because of your help, I can go to school and stay healthy. My caregivers are learning better ways to look after me and my friends. And our farmers are learning super ways to grow crops and save money. I can't wait to see what else we can do! Will you remember to say a little prayer for my family and me? Thank you for being part of our journey to a better future - it means the world to us!