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My Name is Kakkda

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Hi there! I'm a 6-year-old boy living in the lush, green Trapeang Prasat region of Cambodia with my sister, brother, and my pets. I love studying national languages in school and also spend time taking care of animals at home. We all speak Khmer here. It's fun, but life here is tough. All the families, including mine, are farmers who don't own land and struggle to grow enough food. Some of my friends don't go to school; they stay home to work on farms to help their families.

Still, I am hopeful! Our community, with help from FH, is making a plan to change things. Your support helps me attend school and get regular health check-ups to be healthy. FH is also helping my caregivers learn new ways to care for us kids. They're forming farmers groups and offering training for farming, and health and nutrition. Also, they're assisting us to deal with local government better. Remember us in your prayers as we strive for a better future. Thanks for being part of my journey!