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My Name is Channnaet

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Hi there! I'm a 10-year-old boy from the lush and wildlife-filled Trapeang Prasat region, way up north in Cambodia. It’s me, my brother, and our hardworking parents in our small farming community, speaking the Khmer language. School’s pretty cool, especially when we get to run around and play sports. After, I head home to help cook, or play hide-n-seek if I have time.

Things can be pretty rough here, y'know. Most families, including mine, don't own the land we farm. Growing enough food is hard and clean water is scarce. Although I’m fit as a fiddle, some of my friends miss school to help on the farm. But guess what? With help from FH, things are changing! They’re teaching us how to farm better, stay healthy, and working with us to better our community. Because of your help, I get to go to school and have check-ups. Please keep us in your thoughts as we work towards a brighter future. Thanks for being part of our journey!