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My Name is Savdy

  • cake 13
  • diversity_3 Having fun with friends
  • skillet Cooking
  • translate National Languages


Hi there! I'm a 13-year-old girl from the lush and vibrant Trapeang Prasat region in Northern Cambodia. Apart from me, there's just my brother in the family. I love learning national languages at school and whipping up tasty meals at home. It's always fun to hang out with my friends, but sometimes they can't make it because they have to help out on the farm.

Life in our little farming village is tough. We don't own any land and sometimes growing enough food for everyone is a challenge. Not every family has access to clean water or a proper bathroom. Yet, things are changing, all thanks to FH's support! Through your sponsorship, I can attend school and get regular health checks. We're learning new ways to farm, look after ourselves, and work with our local government. Please keep me, my family, and our community in your prayers as we continue to work toward a better future. Your kindness is greatly appreciated!