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My Name is Sotheavy

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Hi there! I'm a 10-year-old girl living in a small community of villages in the lush, wet region of Trapeang Prasat in northern Cambodia. This place is just so green and bustling with wildlife, you'd love it! I share my home with my sister and our life here is pretty simple. Most families, including mine, farm but don't own the land. It's hard to grow enough to feed everyone.

I love learning and mathematics is my favorite subject at school. After school, I help my family by cooking some yummy meals. Maybe it's because I love playing house. Oh! and we speak Khmer around here, it's a really cool language. With the help of FH, we're making big changes in our village. Your kindness lets me continue going to school and have health checks, which really keeps my folks happy. We're also learning new ways to farm and take care of the community. It's like we're growing together, just like our crops. Please keep me and my family in your thoughts as we work towards a brighter future. Thanks for joining our journey!