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My Name is Chanminea

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Hiya! I'm a nine-year-old girl living with my two brothers in Trapeang Prasat, a beautiful and green region in the north of Cambodia. We speak the Khmer language here. Yep, I live with wildlife all around 'cause we're known for our wildlife reserve. Also, most families are farmers, just like mine. Tricky part is, we don't own land, and often we cannot grow enough food.

At school, I love learning national languages - it's my favourite! When I reach home, I'm not lazing around either, I help out by sweeping. And, guess what? I really love jumping rope!

Sure, it's tough living here, especially with not enough clean water or proper bathrooms. But, guess what? Together with FH, we're working on it. Your help lets me study, have health check-ups and teaches my family new ways to care for us kids. And, it's not just about me. Other families are learning about farming, health, and how to work better with our local government.

Please remember us in your prayers as we dream to make our lives better. Thank you for being with us on this journey.