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My Name is Sovanpanha

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Hi there! I'm an 11-year-old boy, living in a small, green community in the Trapeang Prasat region, right up north in Cambodia. I share my space with a sister and two brothers. Oh, and we speak Khmer! School is pretty cool, especially when we have maths classes. I love helping at home too, my main job is washing dishes.

Home is a place where we mostly farm, none of us really own the land though. Growing enough rice and cassava to feed everyone is kinda tough. Sometimes, my friends have to skip school to work on the farms. Living conditions can be hard as homes don't always have clean water or a proper loo.

But, things are changing with yours and FH's help. They're helping us create plans and I get to go to school, have health check-ups and my folks get to learn better ways to look after us. With farming and health training, we're working towards a better future, making our community stronger and healthier. Remember us in your prayers and thank you for being part of our journey!