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My Name is Phanna

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Hey there! I’m just a simple 13-year-old girl from a small and really lush village in the far reaches of Cambodia's Trapeang Prasat region. Home is where the heart is, and mine is shared with my two brothers, two sisters and the chirruping sounds of the wildlife reserve nearby! I love heading to school, especially for my ethics classes. They're just the best! After school, it's dishwashing time. It’s so much fun helping my family out.

My family and the families of my friends are all farmers. We face a lot of challenges every day like not having enough to eat or clean water, and some of my friends can’t even go to school because they need to work on the farms. But big changes are happening! Thanks to your assistance and FH's help, my village has come up with a plan to make things better. Your sponsorship gives me an opportunity to keep learning at school and helps keep me healthy! My parents are learning new things too, on how they can take care of us kids in the best way possible.

Keep us in your prayers as we toil for a better tomorrow. We’re so thankful for your support in our journey!