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My Name is Sovannarung

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Hey there, I'm a 12 year-old boy, living in a tiny but beautiful community in the Trapeang Prasat region, North Cambodia. It's very lush and teeming with wildlife here. I have a brother & sister and we speak Khmer, just like everyone else around here. My family and I live the life of farmers, along with most other families here. Farming's essential but not enough for us to feed ourselves; we don't grow enough rice or cassava sometimes. We don't really own any big things, or even basic stuff like a proper toilet or clean water.

But you know what? Things are changing for good, all thanks to FH and kind-hearted people like you. I'm now able to go to school and learn, my favourite subject being mathematics. After school, I do my share by babysitting. I also love to play hide-n-seek! It's not just me who's looked after, FH helps my parents learn how to care for us. They're bringing our community together, teaching us about farming and nutrition, and helping us work with the local government. Please keep us in your prayers as we step towards a better future. Thank you for walking alongside us on this journey!