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My Name is Rany

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Hi, I'm a 12-year-old girl from Trapeang Prasat, way up north in Cambodia. It's a cool place overflowing with greenery and wildlife. My parents are farmers, like most folks here. I help them by cleaning when I get back from school. Speaking of school, do you like maths? Because I sure do - it's my favourite subject! Health-wise, I'm doing pretty well. Oh, and did I mention I love volleyball?

Sadly though, many of my buddies often miss school to work on farms. See, most families here don't own land, and they can't grow enough food. Many don't even have clean water or toilets. Life’s tough, but things are looking up, all thanks to you and FH! They've been great, teaching us everything from farming to health practices, and they've helped us form farming cooperatives and Savings and Loans Groups.

Most importantly, your contributions are helping me get an education and regular check-ups. So, from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your support. Please do keep me and my family in your prayers, as we strive to build a better tomorrow, right here in our little corner of the world! Thanks for being part of our journey.