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My Name is Sochetra

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Hi there! I'm a cheerful 11-year-old girl living in the green and wet Trapeang Prasat region, up north in Cambodia. I have a sister and we both help our family with chores, like washing dishes, when we're not in school. School is amazing! I love learning different national languages. It's like unraveling the world's mysteries, one word at a time.

Our place is beautiful but life here can be tough. Most families, including mine, are farmers. I see a lot of my friends skipping school to help their families on the farm 'cause growing enough food can be hard. And life's little joys, like a proper toilet or clean water, aren't something everyone gets to enjoy. But, you know what? Things are changing!

Thanks to you, I'm able to go to school and have regular health checkups. And not just me, you're also helping my community. Your help through FH is teaching our parents how to care for us better. The training they provide on farming and health matters a lot. We're learning to work well with our local government and are bound to make things better. So, could you please send a prayer for me and my family? We're working hard for a better future. Thanks a lot for your love and care! It really makes a difference.