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My Name is Phourik

  • cake 12
  • sports_volleyball Volleyball
  • countertops Washing Dishes
  • groups Social Studies


Hi there! I'm a 12-year-old boy from the green, wet lands of Trapeang Prasat, in the furthest regions of North Cambodia! I live with my sister, my brother and our parents. We speak the Khmer language and our home is a small farming community, famous for its wildlife. But most of my pals don't go to school because they help their families at the farms. After school, I dutifully wash dishes. My favorite school subject is Social Studies and playing volleyball is totally awesome!

Life's not always easy here though; most families don't own land and we don’t grow enough food. Clean water and a proper bathroom are rare treats. But the good news? With help from our friends at FH, things are changing. With their support, I can go to school and get health check-ups. They're teaching my parents how to take care of us better, and they're helping everyone learn better farming. So yeah, we're poor, but we're hopeful. Please remember to pray for us, as we work for a better future. Thanks for being on this journey with us!