public Cambodia

My Name is Soleang

  • cake 6
  • location_away Playing House
  • water_full Carrying Water
  • groups Social Studies


Hi there! I'm a six-year-old girl living in a little community made up of villages in the Trapeang Prasat area, all the way up north of Cambodia. It's super lush here and we're known for our amazing wildlife reserve. We talk in a language called Khmer. My family and a lot of others around here are farmers, but most of us don't own our own land. I have one sister, and I help my family by carrying water.

I love school, especially social studies! But some of my friends miss out on school 'cause they need to help on the farm. My life isn't always easy, not all families here have clean water or a proper toilet.

But guess what? With your help and FH’s, things are beginning to change! I get to go to school and have regular health check-ups because of you. This means our caregivers are learning new ways to look after us kiddos better. FH is also helping farmers here to be more cooperative, and is teaching us better farming skills and all about healthy food. We're also learning how to work better with our local government. So thank you! Please remember us in your prayers as we strive for a better future and keep walking with us on this journey.