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My Name is Samphors

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  • sports_soccer Soccer
  • skillet Cooking
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Hi there! I'm an 11-year-old boy from a little community tucked in the lush, wet regions of Trapeang Prasat in Cambodia. It's a spirited place with loads of wildlife – a home that I share with my two brothers, no sisters. Health-wise, I'm rocking it! School is also a fun place, especially when it's time for our national languages class.

Life after school is busy, helping my family in the kitchen (yes, I cook!) and getting a kick out of soccer. Things aren't all rosy here, though. Most families farm but don't own the land and struggle to grow enough food. My friends often miss school to work. Plus, clean water and latrines are luxury for us. But, we're on the road to change!

Thanks to FH and your sponsorship, I can continue schooling and get health check-ups regularly. With training programs on health, nutrition and farming, we're slowly steering towards food sufficiency and better living conditions. As we navigate this challenging journey, kindly keep my family and me in your prayers. You're making a difference - thank you for walking this path with us!