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My Name is Phanna

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Hi there! I'm a 13-year-old boy from the heart of Trapeang Prasat, a little village nestled in the green, wildlife-rich region of Northern Cambodia. The Khmer language is my favorite subject in school, and I love coming home to help my family cook, and play with marbles afterwards. I have two sisters, and together we navigate through our rainy little world.

Life here isn't easy, you see. Most folks in our village are farmers, but my friends and I, we often skip school to help out our parents in the fields. Clean water and proper toilets are also pretty scarce around here. But things are starting to look up, all thanks to you and FH's support. They're teaching our parents new ways to care for us, supporting us get proper education and regular health check-ups. They're even encouraging our community to be better farmers and secure our own food. It’s making a huge difference, and I can't wait to see the brighter days ahead for us. Please remember me, and my family in your prayers as we dream and work for a better future. Thank you, for being a part of our journey!