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My Name is Narith

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Hey, I'm an eight-year-old boy with five sisters, and a love for math. My school day usually ends with me helping out at home with handicraft work. There's hardly anything that can beat my love for ball games!

I call the green, wet land of Trapeang Prasat region in northern Cambodia home. We're a small, close-knit community that's big on farming. Our language is Khmer and we're known for our wildlife reserve. Life can be tough here, especially since we can't farm enough rice or cassava to feed our families, as we don't even own the land we work on.

Often, I see my friends working on farms instead of going to school. And it's not always easy having no proper latrine or clean water. But then, I cheer up remembering how you're helping us through FH. Your sponsorship is giving me school and health check-ups, and teaching my caregivers better ways to look after us kids. We're becoming better farmers, learners, and are getting closer to our dreams. Please do remember my family in your prayers. You mean the world to us. Thank you!