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My Name is Lyhor

  • cake 13
  • sports_tennis Badminton
  • household_supplies Cleaning
  • translate National Languages


Hello there, it's me, a 13-year-old girl who lives in the beautiful, green Trapeang Prasat region of northern Cambodia! I live in a lively community with my brother and we communicate in Khmer. Most families here, including mine, farm for a living. It's tough at times as we don't own our own land and don't always grow enough crops to eat. At school, national languages are my absolute favorite, and after, I help my family cleaning around. If you think I'm bored, you're wrong! I totally love playing badminton.

I'm lucky to go to school and get regular health checks, thanks to FH’s help. They're not just helping me, but our whole community! With their aid, we're learning new farming techniques and how to care for all the kids here. They're also helping us work better with our local government. Despite the difficulties, my family and I are hopeful for a brighter future. Can you include us in your prayers? I'm grateful for your support. We're marching ahead, with you by our side!