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My Name is Ratekul

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Hey there, I'm a 5-year-old boy from Ratna Palong, Ukhia in Bangladesh. I go to a little school where my favourite thing to do is drawing. It's so much fun to make pictures with colours. Even though I'm only five years old, I'm pretty strong! Every day, I help my family by carrying water when I get home from school. It's hard work, but I'm happy to do it. I've got just one brother, no sisters, but I have loads of friends to play our traditional games with.

You gotta know, living here is not so fancy. Ratna Palong is one of the poorest parts of Bangladesh but it’s home. Most of us live in small huts and work as farmers or daily workers. But there's this group called FH working with our community, teaching us cool stuff like how to farm better, how to read and also making sure we get clean water! It means we can grow not just strong, but smart too! Thank you for caring about us.