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My Name is Salma

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Hi! I’m a 7-year-old girl from Ratna Palong, a small community in Ukhia, Bangladesh. I live in a humble home with my two sisters and one brother. Despite being one of the poorest areas in our country, we're a tightly knit community with big hearts. My health is strong and I love to learn, especially national languages – they’re my favourite at school!

When I come home, I help out my family. I'm also fond of playing with dolls. Life here is simple, we don't have fancy things, but that doesn't stop us! Good things are happening too! FH, a kind group, is assisting us in improving our living standards. They’re helping us to have clean water and sturdy latrines, teaching us better farming and business ways, and are making school and healthy lives possible for kids like me! We're very grateful. Thank you for caring about our life story!