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My Name is Nisan

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Hi there! I'm a 9-year-old boy from Ratna Palong, a community in Ukhia, southeast of Bangladesh. I'm happy and healthy, even though we're one of the poorest regions in our country. I have one sister who I care about a lot. At school, counting is my favourite subject - it just clicks in my brain!

After school, I do chores for my family like carrying water. I like helping out and it keeps me busy too. In my free time, I love playing ball games, it's lots of fun. Our family, like most around here, relies on farming or daily work. But FH is helping us improve our lives, they're teaching us important things and helping us create a better environment.

We're learning more than just reading and writing, but also about better farming methods and business skills. They're also enhancing our access to things like clean water and sanitation. I really appreciate the effort and support we get. So, a big thank you for being part of our journey to build a better future!