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My Name is Jamila

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Hey guys! I'm a 7-year-old girl from Ukhia, a part of Bangladesh by the Bay of Bengal. I live in a little hamlet called Ratna Palong, where most people work on farms or do day-to-day labour. Our place is super simple. Everybody knows everybody. Unfortunately, we're one of the poorest communities around, but we stick together and help out each other. I have one sister and I love my school. You know what I like the most? National languages. They fascinate me!

After school, I assist my family in fetching water. This is how we all take care of each other. I enjoy drawing in my free time. I feel like I can express so much that way. FH group is working closely with our community leaders with an aim to improve our lives. They teach us literacy, help us get clean water, build latrines and improve our farming methods. They believe in us and I totally believe in them! We are growing stronger, together! Thanks for listening to my story, friends!