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My Name is Shohid

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Hello! I'm an eight-year-old boy living in Ukhia, near the Bay of Bengal in southeastern Bangladesh. I live in Ratna Palong, a small community where families, like mine, live in tiny houses. We contribute in our ways, like I help my family by carrying water after school. I love school, and rhymes are my favourite subject - they're so much fun! When I'm not studying or helping, I love playing ball games. It's exciting and keeps me busy!

Life may seem tough here, but we are always hopeful. A group called FH, is working with our community leaders to improve our living conditions. They teach us new farming methods, literacy skills, and even construct clean water systems and latrines. Thanks to them, boys like me lead healthier lives and learn more regularly at school. We are grateful for the support and try to make the most out of what we have. Even though we're far away from the city and don't have cars or fancy things, we're still happy and thankful!