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My Name is Sukanto

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Hello! I'm an eight-year-old boy living in Holdia Palong, Ukhia, close to the beautiful Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh. Our area isn't very rich, but it's full of strong and hardworking people just like my family. We live in a small house and my parents work as farmers. I don't have brothers or sisters, so I often help my family by carrying water home after I get back from school.

At school, my favourite thing to learn about is rhymes! They're so much fun! When I'm not helping my family or studying, I love to draw. I guess you could say I'm quite creative. We are lucky because FH is teaming up with our community leaders to make life better for us. They're helping us find clean water, learn better farming techniques, and even improving our reading and writing. I'm lucky to be healthy, keen to learn, and I'm excited to see how our community grows. Thank you for caring about us!