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My Name is Md

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Hi, I'm a 5 year old boy from Holdia Palong, in Ukhia, southeast Bangladesh! I live here with my family, which includes my one and only super cool brother. School is a big part of my life and I love learning new words in our national languages. After school, I help my family by doing what I can, like carrying wood. Soccer is my favourite, and it's so much fun playing with my friends!

Life here may be tough sometimes because we're one of the poorest communities in the country, but have no fear, FH is here! They're helping us, families like mine, to live healthier and learn more. They're teaching us to use things we already have and helping us with things we don't have. Now we're learning more about farming and business stuff. They're even fixing water and toilet problems! I'm super excited about all these changes and I'm really grateful you're part of it! Thank you!