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My Name is Muhammad

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Hi there! I'm a seven-year-old boy living in the cozy Holdia Palong community in Ukhia, Bangladesh. I love going to school and my absolute favorite subject is national languages! When I'm back from school, I help out at home by picking up toys, especially the soft ones, those are my favorites!

Though we might be considered one of the poorest communities in the country, we're rich in kindness and work really hard every day. My family, like many others around here, stay in small houses and work as farmers or day labourers. Though we don't have a lot, I'm really proud of us. We're making things better with the help from FH and our community leaders. They're teaching us neat stuff like securing clean water, building latrines, enhancing farming techniques and even reading and writing! Thanks to them, many kids like me are becoming healthier, learning a lot in school, and living better lives. I feel lucky to be part of this and so happy you're part of it too!