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My Name is Alifa

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Hello from Ukhia! I'm a little girl who loves rhymes and lives in a cozy corner of Bangladesh called Holdia Palong. We might not have much here, but I'm happy! We might be one of the most humble communities near the Bay of Bengal, but we're working hard to shine brighter. You see, I have two sisters and two brothers, and we love playing together - especially running!

School is fun! Do you know why? Because I LOVE the sound of rhymes, it's my favourite thing about school. When I finish with school, I help my family. I'm a bit too little to do big jobs, but I try my best!

We also have great helpers here, called FH. They are working with our leaders to make Holdia Palong even better. They are teaching us new ways to farm and help us learn more in school. Most importantly, they remind us that even though we might not have a lot, we can still do and be a lot! Thank you for cheering us on all the way!