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My Name is Adrita

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Hi there! I'm an eight-year-old girl living in Ukhia, which is part of the Holdia Palong community in Bangladesh. We don't have a lot, but my family and I are reaching out for a better life. I have one brother, but no sisters. And guess what? I love going to school! My favourite subject is national languages. And I really enjoy playing with dolls!

Our community doesn't have a lot of money. Most families here work on farms or are day laborers. But we're not letting that stop us. With the help from FH, we're learning new farming techniques, how to read and write, and improving our community with better access to clean water and proper toilets. It's not always easy, but I believe we're making progress. And it's people like you who make all this possible. I'd like to say a big, big thank you!