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My Name is Annesha

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Hey there! I am a young girl from Ukhia, a place located in the beautiful Southeast of Bangladesh. I go to a school nearby where my most loved subject is national languages. At home, my brother and I help mama and papa by carrying water. It's my small but important job!

Even though we are a little poor, I like to think we are rich in so much else - we have love, laughs and beautiful fields in our small community, Holdia Palong. FH, a kind bunch, work with our community to make life better. They're helping families learn better farming skills and even helping kids like me to thrive in school. Also, I love soft toys, they're my little fluffy friends!

Life might be tough at times, but remember it's not about what we do not have, it's about making the most of what we have. That’s what our community and FH is teaching us!