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My Name is Antor

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Hey there! I'm a nine-year-old kiddo living in Holdia Palong, a community in Ukhia, Southeast Bangladesh. Life's pretty simple here. You won't find fancy cars or big houses, but you will find a lot of love and hard work. My family and I live in a small house, and we're kind of like farmers, along with most families here. It's a tough gig, but I'm in good health and I'm always ready to lend a hand!

School is pretty cool, especially when we learn national languages - I just love that! After school, I help my family by picking up toys, keeping our place neat and tidy. Sometimes, I kick around a soccer ball - that's really fun! We're far from rich, but with the help of FH we're making strides. They're working with our community leaders, teaching us loads of important things - from cleaning water to reading words. We're growing in so many ways, and I'm glad you're part of this journey with us!