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My Name is Kulsuma

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Hello there, I'm an eight-year-old girl living in tiny Holdia Palong, part of Ukhia in southeast Bangladesh. I'm lucky to have one sister and two brothers to play and draw with. Speaking of drawings, I love to draw after I come back from school, which I totally love! You know what my favorite thing at school is? Rhymes! And when I come back home, after a fun day of school, I help my family by carrying water.

Even though life here can be tough, we have a lot of happiness. You see, our area may be one of the poorest in Bangladesh, and most families, including ours, live in small houses and work really hard. But there are good people, like FH, who are working to make everything better. They are helping us grow healthier, learn more, and have a cleaner environment. Isn't that cool? Thanks for dropping by and hearing my story! Let's become better together!