Ship Medical Equipment: FH Burundi

Since February 2010, drought has been devastating families in Burundi. Without rain, farmers have had nothing to harvest which has resulted in many families being displaced as they seek work and food in Rwanda. Tens of thousands have been left in need due to this drought. Due to the scarcity, the price of beans has tripled since the onset of the drought. Food that is shipped to Burundi will benefit those who are most vulnerable: children under five, those struggling with chronic illness, elderly individuals, as well as pregnant and nursing moms.

Goal: $18000 Raised: $24318

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Ship Medical Equipment: FH Nicaragua

Useful and updated medical equipment is desperately needed by the over 211,000 residents in the province of Neuva Segovia Province. The equipment will be put to use in the main hospital in the regions capitol of Ocotal City, as well as a few nearby clinics.

Goal: $15000 Raised: $3800

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SHIPPED: FH Ethiopia

The Nekemte Hospital in Sasiga, Ethiopia, faces critical challenges; they need more and better equipment.  As the main medical facility for an area that is home to over 2 million people, it is essential their surgical units and maternity wards be enabled.  For instance, they have staff in place to host up to 40 surgeries daily, but with the lack of supplies and equipment, they rarely do more than 5.  Expecting mothers and other patients have no choice but to wait for surgery or beds.  Sadly, sometimes the waiting is too much and lives are lost.  This container is being filled with items like maternity beds, quality surgical supplies, specialty child-delivery equipment, and incubators.

Goal: $18000 Raised: $34368.5

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