Help us invest in new communities and respond quickly to emergencies with a gift to where the need is the greatest. Your generous donation will help a community go from stuck to thriving in under 10 years.


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Clean Water

In Canada, most of us have the luxury of standing over our sinks and letting the water run for a few seconds before we fill our glass. And the water that comes out of that tap? Clean and safe.
Young girls like Maskerem and Dibe in Sasiga, Ethiopia, tell a different story. Every morning they trek to a muddy river to collect water and haul it home on their backs. Tragically, this task keeps them from school, and the water often makes their families sick.

Children and their communities shouldn’t just survive - they should thrive. Your gift today will change the lives of thousands of children in need by providing clean water solutions to their communities..

Give Clean Water

Soup for Kids

Hunger and malnutrition kill more people every year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. It poses a serious threat to children in communities struggling in poverty.

But together, we can help stop malnutrition and give children the healthy, active childhood they deserve.

Send Nutritious Canadian Soup to Hungry Children

Gift Guide

Buy a sustainable gift that will help end the cycle of poverty in communities around the world.

You choose a gift. You'll get a card for each item to pass on to your friend, family, or coworker. We'll use your gift to deliver hope to people who could really use a boost.

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Sponsor a Child

The progress of a community can often be gauged by their ability to care for their children. Smart, healthy kids make smart, healthy communities.

Embark on an incredible journey and watch the results as a child's future is transformed..

Sponsor a Child Now

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