What are the root causes of poverty?
What are appropriate solutions to eradicate poverty?
Is there a wrong way to help others?

If you ever ask yourself these or other questions, Food for the Hungry's Ending Poverty Boot Camp will provide the challenging and supportive environment for you to explore your personal response to the poverty crisis.

An Ending Poverty Boot Camp provides an interactive learning environment, stories, facts and development experience from the field, an understanding of the origins of poverty, a realization that there is a recommended solution to poverty, and an opportunity to develop a healthy personal response to issues of poverty.

Join thousands of Canadians who've enjoyed the workshop's interactive content, videos, and discussion.

"Boot Camp re-focused my thinking about who the poor are. Our culture tends to paint the poor as lazy, not smart, needing a hand out, etc when in fact we need to lift our eyes to see them as worthy of respect and assistance, capable of systemic change given the right opportunities." - Langley Boot Camp, 2012
"I loved it - definitely exceeded my expectations! I really think everyone who is involved in advocacy needs to take this." - Vernon Boot Camp, 2011


If you’re interested in bringing the Ending Poverty Boot Camp to your town, you’re in the right place! We often work with churches, schools and community groups to run this training all across Canada.

Hosts (that’s you!) have three main responsibilities:

1. Securing a training site
2. Arranging refreshments and Saturday lunch
3. Recruiting participants (minimum of 20)

Food for the Hungry provides:

1. Getting an awesome trainer to your town
2. All training materials and interactive resources
3. Advertising support (posters, media slides, website support, online registration, facebook posts)

Are you interested? We’d love to hear from you!
Contact us at bootcamp@fhcanada.org for more information.


New Life Community Baptist
Saturday, November 5, 2016
1839 Tzouhalem Rd
Duncan, BC